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Ebroid Solutions is a Leading business IT solution operated world wide with a well tuned group of far-sighted entrepreneurs with a perceptive view to future. We assure expertise and shrewdness to read the pulse of a customer.
We are a confident, fast and high soaring, brilliant IT solution provider constantly riding to new horizons, ready with explanations, clarifications, and cost effective results who has proved to be a seamless experience to the clients, competent and challenging to be at par with the growing trends of the IT giants.
We are ready to help you 24x7.

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SMS Gateway

Send and receive low cost, bulk SMS messages from your computer with our SMS Gateway. Reach out to your clients to get instant results

CRM Web Apps

Our comprehensive user friendly CRM solutions deliver the extensive value for the amount you spend to retain a long lasting association with your customers

Campaign Management

Create and send campaigns through your own applications. Get your clients to confirm their appointments, even allow them to request one via SMS

SMS Gateway Aggregation

SMS Gateway enables a computer to send and receive SMS text messages to and from a SMS capable device over the global telecomunications network. SMS Gateway translates the message sent, and makes it compatible for delivery over the network to be able to reach the recipient.

  • SMS Interface
  • SMS Alerts
  • SMS Reply
  • SMS Authorisation
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Campaign Management

Organise your campaigns with easy SMS campaign creation, automated personalization and unsubscribe management.Communicate with your customers using one of the fastest and most popular marketing methods.

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